The 1st graders are delighted meet Ms. Perara, the new 1st grade teacher. Working as a kindergarten teacher for eleven years at Seisen, she is brimming with wisdom and experience. Together, with her warm-hearted, optimistic personality and professionalism in teaching, she will serve as an excellent role model to our students.  

Ms. Perera has had a wonderful background within education and teaching. She hails from Sri Lanka, the “Teardrop of India”. She used to play Netball (Modified Basketball), as a team captain.  Soon after, she led the team into winning the national netball championship. She then went to Japan, and taught herself japanese; furthermore, passed the JLPT (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test) Level 2 Test. Finally, she worked as an administrator and kindergarten teacher in two international schools.

    When asked the question, “If you were stuck on a desert island for the next year (with sustenance provided), which items would you bring with you and why?”, she responded that she would bring  “a pen and a book to write.” However, not only does she love to write, but to also read. She favors historical novels and started reading fantasy books after her two sons started reading.

Ms. Perera’s decision to join St. Mary’s wasn’t random. Firstly, her two sons studied at St. Mary’s. As the mother of two St. Mary’s students, she stated that she regarded it as a warm place to be, indicating that her unforgettable memories have brought her here.  Secondly, our teachers invited her to join. Finally, last but definitely not the least, it was because “everyone smiles”. 

Let us welcome Ms. Perera, and wish her a bright, successful year in St.Mary’s.

Article by Sean Olson