This year, the freshmen traveled to Canyons located in Minakami, Gunma to experience nature. Students took part in four different activities: team building, hiking, rafting, and canyoning. 

The freshmen walked to a local park for team building. Students cooperated to accomplish many mini games. Throughout the activities, the instructor promoted the importance of leadership and collaboration. Furthermore, students learned how to create an effective team by planning and collaborating such as deciding on who is responsible for. 

To experience the beautiful and wonderful view of nature, students hiked to Mt. Tanigawa. Students were amazed with the view of the waterfall. Even though the students were exhausted, after hiking for two hours, many students enjoyed the hike and relished the remarkable view of nature.

Before white-water rafting, students enjoyed jumping off of five-metre cliff. Students challenged themselves to do acrobatic moves such as forward and back flips. Soon after that, students were assigned to be in a group of six, listened closely to their instructors, and cooperated on paddling.

The most nerve racking activity of the trip was canyoning. At first, most of the students were anxious and petrified about canyoning because they struggled with floating and had to fall from a twenty-metre drop which was thrilling. After the fall, students said they felt relieved after the terrifying drop but wanted to do it again.

During the first evening activity, Students received a high school orientation and other activities such as afternoon gym, board games, and strategy games. During the high school orientation, students were able to present their feelings and ideas to the counselor. Furthermore, students wrote three things on the sticky notes. Their, “Goal, worry, and excitement.” Students were able to interact with Japanese-style of dinner as well as Japanese traditional hot spring. 

In conclusion, the students had a wonderful three day trips of the Canyons. Without having any injuries, students experienced the beautiful rural area of Gunma, and built a group cohesion. Students would like to thank many people who supported the trip. First of all, the bus drivers, the Canyons’ crew members, and the hotel staff who supported the students to to have a fantastic field trip. And lastly, we would like to thank teachers, Ms. Conrad, Mr. Sirkka, Ms. Odate, Mr. Dogra, Mr. McGuire, and Ms. Moran for volunteering for the trip. 

Article by Yamato Suizu