Mr. Day will be the new 9th grade History Teacher. On top of teaching, he delights in gaming, as well as coding and retro technology. Among these, he has a particular affinity for strategy simulators – so if any students are looking to play, he’s the man to see.

Mr. Day hails from the badlands of Texas.  He’s spent time in the ancient city of Constantinople (or Istanbul) as well as Seoul, South Korea. An avid scholar of history, he describes Constantinople as “the most historic city on the planet”. Needless to say, he enjoyed it thoroughly. Most recently, he was employed at a performing arts school back in Texas. A very prestigious and competitive institution, it has produced landmark figures in the entertainment world today, like Beyonce as well as several Broadway stars. On a similar note, Mr. Day feels that both SMIS and his previous places of employment share a bond in that they produce those who “will go on to do great things”: the contemporary “high achievers”.

    Although he’s only been in Tokyo for a few weeks, he loves that everything is so cohesive and of high quality, he remarks:“it’s like clockwork”. The school community has been very supportive and accommodating, which is “motivating him to become a better teacher.” While he’s spent time in other international environments, he’s taken aback by how diverse we ,as a school, are. One thing he’s noticed is that unlike other schools, the St. Mary’s student body isn’t compartmentalized into cliques; while everyone has varying interests, we all seem to ultimately mill together and bond as a grade. Something unquantifiable draws him to this school; he can’t quite specify what it is, but it’s definitely compelling.

        When asked about work thus far, he says, “Naturally, the first day is hard. The second day is hard. But then, you wake up in the morning, and realise that you’ve been looking forward to it.” He’s impressed by how responsive and eager the students seem to be; he appreciates how they’re all so respectful and hardworking. Despite being thrust into a starkly different environment, Mr. Day looks forward to the future, as he knows he will find his “groove”. 

On behalf of the SMIS student body, we, the Diplomat, would like to welcome Mr. Day to the school.

Article by Ryo Matsuki