This year, St Mary’s welcomes Mr. Benson, the new 7th and 8th grade History and World Religions teacher. Mr. Benson attended Dallas High School before moving on to Western Oregon University for his bachelor’s of arts, post bachelorette, and masters. He previously worked at a multitude of schools, including many international schools in the US, Korea, China, and Indonesia. His appreciation for studying, discussing, and sharing history is what made him pursue a career in teaching. 

Mr. Benson’s hobbies vary from studying and reading history and current events to reading up on theology. Some of his favorite authors include J. Warner Wallace, Daniel Wallace, Craig Bloomberg, William Lane Craig, thanks their approaches to the Bible which he  views as both a historical document and a religious text.

 Mr. Benson likes to spend time with his wife and son in nature, enjoying activities such as swimming, tennis, basketball, and hiking. He also likes the New England Patriots, claiming that he “Was a fan of them even before they got to the Super Bowl.” He enjoyed watching the team as well as the motto from Belichick, “Just shut up and do your job.” which he feels applies to most of life. From Oregon, he likes watching the Portland Trailblazers, yet is sad that it “Unfortunately has not worked out well [for them].”  Mr. Benson’s favorite baseball team is the Seattle Mariners. 

Mr. Benson’s impressions of Tokyo were very good despite the blazing heat. Although he expecting mayhem, he was pleasantly surprised by the organization, cleanliness, and general helpful vibe. When asked on his first impressions of St Mary’s he said “I found St Mary’s to be very big compared to the other schools that I’ve worked in.”  He advises students to see the big picture in order to prepare for critical thinking, TOK, and IAs. 

Article by Alex Hotta