The retreat served as a once a year break, and also as an opportunity to form new friends. During the 3 days, students strengthened bonds through participating in several activities aimed toward improving cooperation and communication skills. The retreat took place at Kawaguchiko, in Yamanashi Prefecture during September 4~6th. 

     The first day started off with going to Forest Adventure, a treetop course. Putting our lives on the line, the course is 10000mm (or 10m) above the ground -consequently giving the students anxiety. While undergoing this immense pressure, the students had to Tarzan jump into the air, jump over unique obstacles, rock climb, and finish with a zipline, landing either on their feet, or back. These intense courses challenged the student’s physical limit, helping relieve their endless amount of stress.

    During the second day, we were at Fujikyu Island. Infamous for their jetcoasters, Fujikyuu consists 6 of the most memorable and terrifying roller coasters, two of which are: ド・ドドンパ (Do-DoDoNPa)   -which accelarates 180km in 1.56 seconds- and クールジャパン -Cool Japan- which makes you soaking wet. Fujikyu has collaborated on attractions with Naruto -irresistible to anime-lovers- and Thomas Land -irresistible to thomas-lovers. It even contains a horror mansion, so popular that the tickets were sold out by the time we tried to buy them. 

    During the final day, the students interacted with one of Japan’s well-known spies: the ninjas (at 忍びの里). The theme of the park was a modern Sengoku-Era village; students physically experienced this by going through a からくり屋敷 -an anti-ninja themed house, full of hidden trapdoors and gimmicks. Students also practiced using modern japanese weapons such as the blow darts and ninja stars. The trip concluded with a 30 minute show, which included epic ninja stunts and sword fighting. 

    Overall, the students received a break, were able to strengthen bonds, and left with an unforgettable memory of being tenth graders. 

Article by Sean Olson