Joining us in the Humanities Department this year is Ms. Cheung. She is an IB examiner who teaches Economics to 10th and 11th graders. Ms. Cheung began teaching at a university in Australia whilst getting her bachelor’s degree in economics. This experience inspired her passion of teaching. This eventually led Ms. Cheung to go into secondary education. At Kilmore International School, she taught IB Mathematics and Economics. She found St. Mary’s while looking for an IB school and decided to join due to its strong focus and education-oriented mindset, an attribute she appreciates. By coming to St. Mary’s she also fulfilled her goal of visiting Japan, a country she describes as “organized, full of friendly people, and interesting to explore.”

When asked about the faculty of St. Mary’s, Ms. Cheung referred to them as “warm” and “welcoming”. She happily stated that she believes they are “very professional.” Ms. Cheung appreciates the support given to the new teachers like her, especially to those who are new to the region. She enjoys every moment of class, including teaching the passionate students, and “hopes to stay at St. Mary’s for as long as [she] can.”

    While Ms. Cheung is not teaching, she crochets octopi to donate to premature babies and listens to Cantonese Pop Music. In the near future Ms. Cheung aims to publish her very own IB textbook. She also hopes to advance to a senior role as an IB examiner. 

The Diplomat extends a warm welcome to Ms. Cheung, and we hope she enjoys her experience at St. Mary’s. 

Article by Junichiro Asano