St. Mary’s is renowned for its ability to attract world-class educators and maintaining its distinct international atmosphere in Japan. Enter Ms. Emily Bushman. A seasoned educator, and a columnist outside of the traditional teaching space, she will be heading Grade 10 English and Journalism.

Ms. Bushman is a local of the lush vineyards of Fresno, California, and graduated from the academically-rigorous University of California, Davis. Then, she was teaching for a few years in Sacramento, California, when she realized she’d had to make a choice between a choice of “settling down or moving”. She decided to move away from the familiarity of the United States, and started looking at international schools. This is where she came face-to-face with the SMIS webpage and decided to apply. 

“The opportunity was serendipitous,” she says if opportunity. Her mother taught in Japan nearly 30 years ago, and Ms. Bushman. “had visited Japan multiple times before.” Furthermore, “the philosophy of the school was appealing, focusing not just academically, but also emotionally and spiritually. Making sure that students graduate and ready for any challenges that they might face.”   

Outside schooling, Ms. Bushman is constantly engaged in English. She is a writer of two books and a featured writer of the famous streaming service ‘Crunchyroll’. Furthermore, with theYoutube channel, “Penguin Snacks”, she recreates food from famous anime and manga. 

We at the Diplomat are delighted to have Ms. Bushman within Diplomat staff and welcome her in joining the St. Mary’s community.

Article by Christopher Kirch