Mr Sweet is thrilled to join the Saint Mary’s community as the new college counselor. Born and raised in Seattle, he attended Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. Before coming to Japan he worked as an admissions counselor in various colleges including Seattle university, Boston college and Babson college. By joining Saint Mary’s he hopes to start a new, great chapter in his life. 

Japan isn’t new to Mr. Sweet as he enjoyed a 2 year stint at the UWC ISAK school in Karuizawa. The new college counselor is ecstatic to live in Tokyo. “I really like Japan so when the opportunity present itself to come to Saint Mary’s I was super excited. He’s really enthusiastic to experience the city life in Tokyo which he was unable to experience when working in Karuizawa. Some of the things that Mr. Sweet is looking forward to the most are the delicious Japanese food along with the museums. 

Thanks to his experience as an admissions counselor, Mr. Sweet knows the college application process inside and out. When asked about tips for the upperclassmen starting their application process, Mr Sweet responded “Be yourself.” He also stressed the importance of “big picture questions” such as those related to the size, location, programs and activities. “Visit schools if you can and if you can’t, meet with the representatives” he added. Mr Sweet stated that meeting the students was perhaps the most enjoyable part of his job and one of the factors which drove him to become a school counselor. “Think about what makes you happy and then search for the colleges that have that” he concluded. 

On behalf of The Diplomat and the high school, we wish Mr. Sweet all the best during his stay in Japan. His office is always open to anyone who has questions and he is excited to help the students plan their futures.

Article by Adam Zbikowski