This year, the 11th graders went on a school trip to Hakuba in Nagano prefecture. Although the bus ride was nearly 4 hours long, they were able to traverse the beautiful mountains and crystal clear lakes of Hakuba. Despite the passing typhoon, canyoning was the only activity that was left out of the schedule. Rock climbing, mountain biking and canoeing were the activities that the students were able to explore. 

    The juniors stayed at the Paipu Hotel for two nights and three days. They served them buffet style meals three times everyday. Each student was paired with three to four random students. Since the theme for this trip was “team bonding”, the rooms were assigned randomly to interact with different students instead of their usual friends.  They were also divided into four groups which were named A B C and D randomly, and they were all able to experience the four activities. 

The mountain biking was very amusing because they were able to go into the mountains and experience biking through rocky surfaces, and although there was a deadly hill going up at the end, the students were able to manage themselves and enjoyed exploring nature. 

Climbing the rocky mountains was a challenge for most of the students. There were levels from easy to hard courses, and all of them challenged the students. The students arms were very stiff after climbing them, yet everyone was unsatisfied that they couldn’t complete the course. 

    All of the activities were thrilling and adventurous, however out of all them, the students said that they loved the canoeing the most. When asked why was canoeing was the most thrilling activity, 11th grader Keigo said, 

“ I loved how we were able to paddle on our own and experience this activity. It also got us excited when we started flipping each other off the kayak.”

    We all came back exhausted, yet fulfilled from the trip. 

Article by Kei Takahashi