On the 20th of April, Kanto Plains Track and Field Meet #6 was held at Yokota. There were over 2000 entries from 10 different track teams; ASIJ, N.C. Kinnick, SMIS, Zama, CAJ, Yokota, M.C. Perry, E.J. King, Edgren, and YIS.


A lot of runners from St. Mary’s had achieved their new personal records in this meet. In 100 meter dash, Toki Schafer placed 5th, with 11.74 seconds, and achieved a new personal record. Taewoon Yoon, Si Nam Park, Niall Roe, Koya Sugiura, Sun Woo Bae, and Yamato Suizu also achieved their new personal records.


In the 200 meter dash the Titans were not able to place in the top 10. However, Tae Won Yoon, Keita Hagstrom, Koya Sugiura, Niall Roe, and Luke Robottom achieved their new personal records.


In the 400 meter dash, Makoto Nogami placed 11th with a PR of 55.86, Kori Oai placed 13th with the time of 56.26, and Billy Lee placed 18th with the time of 57.31.


In the 800 meter dash, Gen Katashiba placed 12th with a PR of 2:13.64, followed by Tyler Hashimoto placing 18th with a PR of 2:21.35, Jong Hyeon Lee placing 21st with the time of 2:24.22, and Christopher Kirch placing 25th with a PR of 2:33.65.


In the 1600 meter race, Matthew Inamine set his PR at 5:00.48 and placed 12th. Next Sean Inamine placed 21st, with a PR of 5:19.65, and Kenta Ploch placed 26th with a PR of 5:33.00.


For the 3200 meter race, Matthew Inamine placed 3rd with a PR of 10:36.16. Gen Katashiba was able to place 11th with his second PR of the meet at 11:47.90. He was followed by Jong Hyeon Lee who placed 13th, Tyler Hashimoto who placed 15th, Sean Inamine who placed 16th, Kenta Ploch who placed 19th, Yoshiyuki Sanda who placed 20th, Christopher Kirch who placed 21st and Dion Kang who placed 22nd.


In the 110 meter hurdles event, Toki Schafer placed first with a SR of 16.16. In 5th place Si Nam Park got a PR of 19.17 followed by Aidan O’Flaherty placing 6th with a time of 19.63. In the 300 meter hurdles event, Kaito Taira placed first with a PR of 41.93 followed by Koji Kuo placing 4th and Aidan O’flaherty placing 5th.


The Titans were able to place first in the 4×100 relay with a time of 45.53. The members of the winning relay was Hikaru Shimada, Kouki Wood, Tae Won Yoon, and Toki Schafer. In the 4×400 relay, Kaito Taira, Koji Kuo, Toki Schafer, and Makoto Nogami were able to place first with the time of 3:38.58.  

Overall, the Titans had a great meet with many of the athletes getting new personal records in their races. The team is planning to train hard and continue to improve their performances.


Article by Keigo Hayashi