This year, high-school students from St. Mary’s, Seisen, and Sacred Heart worked tirelessly on this year’s musical based on Charles Schulz’s beloved comic series, Peanuts. “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” was directed by Mr.Hagens and assisted by Ms.Durrett.  Little Lucy is hopelessly in love with prodigy pianist Schroeder, perfectionist Sally is still arguing with teachers, Linus still holds hopelessly to his blanket,  Snoopy is on the doghouse, and Charlie Brown is trying to figure out where he belongs.  The show consisted of 12 cast members, and a lot of other students working behind the screens.

The story of the musical consists of several shorter vignettes, taken from some of the famous comic strips and compiled into a musical. Each of the short stories intertwine and connect with each other. Director Jonas Hagens also added several other vignettes to the musical. This was done to increase the total number of cast members from 6 to 12. As an anonymous student stated, “The musical was a great success. From the good props to the outstanding costumes and set design, the production team really made Schulz’s comics come to life.”

The musical was entertaining, and a lot of people really enjoyed it. Each actor had their moments and knew exactly what they were supposed to do. The music, performed by the musical orchestra, was simple. However, they did well with expressing the character’s emotions in each scene. The musical was successful and had a record breaking attendance with the MPH being nearly filled for the first and last performances.


Article by Jeffery Huang