On the 26th of April, the Instrumental Spring Concert was held in the multi-purpose hall. The concert included performances from the high school jazz band, high school concert band, soloists from IB music, as well as jazz combos and violin duets. This was the last concert for the seniors, and this concert was arguably the best part of the year.  

The concert started with performances by the high school jazz band. They played three jazz pieces; “Stan’s Plan”, “In a Sentimental Mood”, and “Groove Merchant”. All pieces were played very well, and were full of passion. Right after the performances by the jazz band, a group of students called the “tritone” performed, led by a beautiful vocal from Jack Zhu.

The solo performances started with a violin solo by Ken Kobayashi, followed by a trumpet and piano solo by William Masuyama and Kosuke Kamata. Shortly after, a violin solo was performed by Joe Utagawa, followed up by a trumpet solo by Leo Yamaguchi. As the solo performances came to an end, a violin duet was performed by Ken and Joe, a solo piano piece was performed by Neo Yoshii.

After the performances by the IB music students, the high school concert band started performing. The first piece was “Country Gardens”, which included nice solos by the violin and the cello. The next piece was “Amazing Grace”, with a graceful solo by saxophone player, Jack Zhu. Our third piece was “Drummer’s Delight”, which highlights two snare drummers, Ryu Hiramoto and Seungbin Song. The performance faced with a grand finale with a rock piece “Ruckus”, musicians played with full of energy and excitement.

This concert was the last concert for the seniors would perform as a member of the SMIS highschool concert/jazz band. This year we had 11 seniors; Joseph Chang (violin), Younghun Ki (clarinet), Ryu Hiramoto (percussion), Nagisa Omi (trumpet), Jack Zhu (saxophone/bass/guitar), Wontae Song (bass/guitar), Koji Asai (clarinet, piano), Nishant Chanda (Saxophone/french horn), Romeo Wada (violin), Junsun Ryu (trombone), and Leo Yamaguchi (trumpet).

The instrumental spring concert ended with a spectacular final by the performance by the seniors. The diplomat is looking forward to enjoy performances from the future high school band and congratulate and thank the seniors for their work in the SMIS band.


Article by Tomi Sugiura