On 24th April, the traditional St.Mary’s ice cream bash took place in the cafeteria. This event was organized together by the high school department and the St. Mary’s parents. Ice cream of different flavours were available: matcha, vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. As well as the ice cream, many students also appreciated the various toppings such as brownies, frosties, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, and pokkis; these toppings were ready to be sprinkled over their ice cream. With the help of the St. Mary’s parents, who had been preparing and waiting for the students to come in for several hours, the ice cream bash was organized and ready to get rolling.  

Sophomore Ryo Matsuki, who was enjoying his strawberry flavoured ice cream said, “These ice creams are very delicious. I think we should have these kinds of events more often.” Sophomore Ryoichi George II also expressed his gratitude towards the high school department for organizing such a pleasurable after school event, “As a new student at St. Mary’s, I could finally see our high school department in a new light. From when I have joined this new community, I have experienced a barrage of assignments from all of my teachers. This event allowed me to motivate myself to move on and to work harder with my academics.” As many students were stressing out with the upcoming final exams, the ice cream uplifted and strengthened many of the students’ desire to end this semester on a good note.

Many of the students were very satisfied and delighted with the generosity of the high school department. “Thanks a lot!” said Sophomore Ariyoshi George II.


Article by Manato Maekawa