Every year, the St. Mary’s choir clubs get together to carry out one last concert dedicated to the graduating class, known as the Spring Concert. Every performing senior is recognized, and the event invariably ends with hugs, tears, and lots of photos.


Every choir that performs is lead by one of three directors, Ms. Romero, Mr. Stenson, or Ms. Stenson. This makes for lots of work for them since there are 7 grades, 13 separate groups, 31 pieces, and a total of 251 performers that they are responsible for. Every performer (other than the 18 girls in show choir) was from St.Mary’s, and the event spanned from 18:30 to 20:20, even though it was on a Thursday.


This year, there were a number of notable performances that stood out from the rest thanks to their originality. For example, the Bell Quartet performed Megalovania, a popular track from the smash hit indie game Undertale. Like the group’s name suggested, the complex piece was performed by just 4 people who were all responsible for almost a dozen bells. The Grade 8 Ensemble, which performed Ellie My Love, was directed by none other than the 2019-2020 high school president, Ji Seung Park. The group got together and practiced during lunch breaks and after school and even had solos and some dance choreography. The Varsity Ensemble performed Sing, a song originally composed, performed, and uploaded to the internet by Pentatonix. The song was highly energetic and, “was brimming with youth,” according to one parent of a performer.

Though the class of 2020 will end their journey through high school to seek greener pastures, hopefully their countless memories derived from their final concert will stay in their hearts wherever their path takes them.


Article by Gio Cannegieter