As the third quarter concludes, our sight moves towards next year. To ensure the transition to next year goes smoothly, we must decide the leaders of the student community. Hence the elections commenced. In this year’s election, a total of 34 students across the highschool campaigned for their seats. As each grade is allowed to have four students on the Student Council, only 16 candidates can be selected. The elections started on the 23rd and concluded on the 25th. The results are:

  • Grade 9:  Ikki Minamikawa, Kairi Mano, Muku Nomura, Suzan Halim.
  • Grade 10: Bien Baguio, Kijun Lew, Kanan Nozaki, Dion Kang.
  • Grade 11: Kyuwon Hwang, Joni Makinen, Oh Hitomi, Tejas Mahajan.
  • Grade 12: Kazunori Fukuhara, Riki Story, Rui Miura, Taewon Yoon.

The representatives are responsible for listening to the student body, initiating events that benefit students academically, socially and physically. Their number one priority is to carry out policies on behalf of the student body.

Accordingly, the president and the vice president are responsible for looking over the student council and most importantly, they will have the highest position over the student body. This year’s elections was considered by many to be one of the most heated and controversial campaign by both candidates. For this year’s presidential election, Cameron Fenwick ran for president with Naoki Martin by his side for vice president. Their opposition were Ji Seung Park as president and Nishad Govindaraja as vice president. As per tradition, the presidential elections were divided into two waves. The first wave was a open campaign, presenting their objectives throughout the year and the second wave was a question & answer session. However Ji Seung And Nishad outmaneuvered Cameron and Naoki and attacked their statement by acting out a play in the first wave. Hence, the current president, Ryan came up with the idea of switching the Q & A session into a debate style, so that these two groups could fight for their future position in a fair fight. Although this presidential campaign was controversial, Ji Sung and Nishad won the majority of the votes and became our new president and vice president.

As the student representatives begins their journey, we should take a step back and appreciate the previous student representatives. Particularly President, Ryan Shimizu and Vice President Satish Kannan for successfully laying the foundation for a supportive environment.

Furthermore, the secretary, event coordinator and treasurer were also decided in this election. As the title of their position suggests, these positions are specific to their category and also they are there to support the president and vice president. The secretary for this year is Nikita Romanov, and for event coordinator, John Purcell was elected. The treasurer is Felipe Chertouh and he states that he wants “To provide enjoyable experience for the high school community.” It is an exciting prospect to see how the new council will guide the high school student body and achieve great things for their individual classes.


Article by Riki Story