The 2018-19 swimming season began with a time-trial meet on September 15, 2018. The Fall Kick Off Time Trial serves as an opportunity for Buccaneers swimmers to gauge their swimming abilities early on in the year. Although no trophies or medals are awarded, the swimmers were motivated to swim hard to compete with their rivals. The men’s 50 meter freestyle was a very competitive race with a total of 57 swimmers. Junior Naoki Martin won the event with a time of  25.56, 0.25 seconds ahead of teammate and classmate Joshua Harper who touched in 25.81. Senior swimmer Ryan Shimizu barely missed 3rd place after being out-touched by sophomore Riku Fujishima. However, Ryan came back strong and dominated the 100 meter IM with a 23 second difference between him and second place.             

The star of the team and two time Junior Olympian, junior Cameron Fenwick lost to sophomore Junichiro (Jun) Asano in both the 200 meter IM and the 100 Backstroke. However, Cameron came back in the 100 meter butterfly to beat Jun by 0.61 seconds. Cameron also dominated the field in the 50 breaststroke, winning by almost a full second.

The high school swimmers were especially excited about the exhibition entry of Eugene Decosse, a St. Mary’s graduate from 2018, who was allowed to participate before leaving to The University of Chicago. Eugene is a well respected Buccaneer and the pioneer of taking multiple fly kicks in the underwater in the breaststroke pull-out. His technique has become very popular amongst the Buccaneers swimmers. Although not his best event, Eugene posted a swift 2:00.42 in the 200 meter freestyle, beating his previous best time and winning the event, with junior Joshua Harper coming in second only 0.57 seconds off. Eugene demonstrated his excellence in the 50 breastroke event with a time of 32.72, which earned him second place in the event.

The Fall Kick Off Time Trial was a great success overall with multiple swimmers in the elementary, middle, and high school levels posting best times. Coach David Moodie was pleased with the team’s performance and is looking forward to another great season.

Article by Junichiro Asano