On January 30, 2019, the internet was devastated by Nintendo’s Wii Shop Channel shutting their virtual doors. While the shutdown wasn’t a complete surprise since users were informed that the store would be shutting down in September 29, 2017, it didn’t lessen the impact of loss of the shop. Additionally, users were not able to add Wii Points, the urrency used in the store.

On one occasion, Diplomat editor Nishant Narcitty commented: “As a significant part of my childhood, the Wii was a console that I hold dear. Hearing the shutdown did make me sad, however I am happy that Nintendo is moving in a progressive direction and hope the best for the company.”

When the Wii Shop Chanel launched in December 10, 2006, users were introduced to a new concept of buying games and software digitally instead of purchasing a physical disk at a store etc. The feature that stood out from other digital stores such as PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace is that Wii Shop Channel had a kid friendly user interface. It also encouraged microtransactions instead of only selling games. Over the 12 years of operations, over 10 million games were downloaded.

“Wii” will miss you, Wii shop.

Written by Michael Kan