The Beast Wrestling Tournament is a prerequisite version of Far East tournament with the additional school of Zushi Japanese High school. The tournament was unfortunate for the SMIS wrestling team, as they were 5 points short to get the title of the “Beast.” There were many factors that led to being the overall second place: three class weights were missing, 101, 108, and 275 pounds, (respectively) and unexpected brackets were made where the Titans ended up with zero team points. Furthermore, there were controversial calls made by the refs which shifted the momentum. However, the championship mentality is still apparent, as Coach Yabui states, “but 2nd place is 2nd place and when it comes to losing, there’s absolutely no excuse other than ‘we weren’t strong enough.’

Regardless of being in second place, the seniors came through and produced three “Beasts.”Nishant Chanda earned his spot on “The Wall” for the first time, Harold Mancia added being 1st place to his “Wall-Cred” and Austin Koslow claimed his second Beast Championship.

For William Krecelic, this tournament was lamentable as he lost in the semifinals due to a controversial call, that gave the opponent 4 points which were ultimately the game-changing call. Some would even say it was an egregious blunder since this call ended his undefeated, 21 winning streaks as well as losing the crucial 4 points.

Similarly, Cole Lawlor’s undefeated season and his shot at becoming “The Beast” slipped away at the semi-finals. His trek through the consolation bracket did not go the way he expected, unfortunately, he lost because of the tech and settled for 5th place.

Eiji Kasahara found himself in the consolation bracket. Although, he was still able to bring back a silver medal. Jasjot got himself into the semifinals and also dropped into the consolation bracket, where he settled for 4th place. For Warren Koslow and Michael Patton, the Beast tournament was definitely a learning curve, and they are looking forward to displaying their new techniques onto the next match. Coach Yabui said, “Overall the wrestlers did well” and they are looking forward to using their losses and their fair share of winning as their fuel for the next match.