On the night of the 18th of January, the 2019 Jazz Nite took place in the Multi-Purpose Hall. This year’s Jazz Nite was led by the instrumental music instructor, Ms. Kristel Tretter. During Jazz Nite, the Grade 8 and High School Jazz band performed with lots of enthusiasm. It was a dinner party with jazz music at the background. The audience was very comfortable with the fascinating performance by the jazz bands and food provided by the marvelous caterer, Katsuragi Hotel. More than a hundred students, teachers, and parents attended the show.

The High School Jazz band performed: Copacabana, Crunchy Frog, It Don’t Mean a Thing, Superstition, Georgia On My Mind, and Smooth Operator. The audience was impressed by the sublime performances. The musicians of the High School Jazz band were very satisfied with their performances. William Masuyama, Leo Yamaguchi, Aayush Dwivedi, Nagisa Omi, and Ji Seung Park played the trumpets. Koya Sugiura and Jack Zhu played the bass guitar and Wontae Song played the guitar. Koji Asai and Kosuke Kamata played the piano, and Seung Bin Song, Kosuke Kamata, and Taisei Morikuni played the drums. Junsun Ryu, Kazunori Fukuhara, and Kensei Shinoda played the trombone, and Romeo Wada played the violin. Jack Zhu, Shun Chen, Mikhail Titov played the alto saxophone, Nishant Chanda and Leon Yoshizue played the tenor saxophone, and John Purcell played the baritone saxophone.

Overall, the Jazz Band’s performance was amazing, and the audience enjoyed their time during the Jazz Nite. One of the high school Jazz Band members said: “It was the best performance we played so far this year.” Special thanks to the generous contributions by Junsun Ryu family, Wontae & Seungbin Song family, Leo Yamaguchi family, Nishant Chanda family, Romea Wada family, Kazunori & Yuhei Fukuhara family, Leon Yoshizue family, William Masuyama family, Mrs. Mamee Kaneko, Katsuragi Hotel & Golf Resort, Bistro Popcorn, Bale Jesse Co., Macoma Incorporated, Daimon Medical Clinic, Dr. Wakaba Co. Ltd., DK corporation, Kotaro Kashiwagi family, and Aron Erdos family. The Diplomat is looking forward to hearing more delightful performances by the Jazz Band.


Written by Tomi Sugiura