Coming back from Winter Break, the SMIS community was greeted by a shocking turn of events concerning the signup sheet for January’s Junior Bowling event. This event was arranged by High School Council member Nishad Govind along with the other members of the Junior Council representatives and was a joint event with Seisen (SIS) and Sacred Heart (ISSH). According to Nishad, sometime right after the Winter Break began, the signup sheet for the event was sabotaged by an anonymous high school student with the alias of “Bill Cosby.” Unfortunately, there was an error with the signup sheet which allowed anyone to make changes to the form. The sabotaged form included jokes that mocked the names of all three schools as well as photos of sensual acts. Because “Bill Cosby” was able to change his name, his name did not show in the editing history, much to the dismay of the Student Council and the high school administration.

The bowling event was a socializing opportunity in which the Juniors of SMIS and our two sister schools would be able to interact in a social environment. The sabotaged form was sent to the student council members of the sister schools, and the prank was not well received. As Nishad stated in his interview with the Diplomat, “…the girls at Seisen and Sacred Heart said that [this prank] is ‘such a typical St.Mary’s thing to do.’” This statement, according to him, was what bothered him the most: the fact that SMIS has built a bad reputation amongst the sister schools. Thankfully the form was fixed and resent to the students in all three schools, and the event was able to continue as planned.

Written by Cai Rahman