The Refugees in Japan concert was held in St. Mary’s International School MPH. The
goal of this event was to raise money for the refugees by putting on a show for parents and
teachers to enjoy and serve to highlight the plight of refugee children around the world. Many
schools participate in this event including Seisen International School, International School of
Sacred Heart, the America School in Japan, and St. Mary’s International School. St. Mary's
International School’s Music Department has been a supporter of RIJ fundraising for nearly 30
years. The work they do is to helps save lives by assisting refugee children around the world
through ways such as feeding the hungry, providing safe shelter and schooling, and assisting
with sustainable economic opportunities after repatriation. Every bit of money raised in this
concert went directly to refugee children in need.
The show began with students from ASIJ introducing the event. After that, Seisen
International School students performed a traditional dance from China. After the dance, there
was a Erhu performance(traditional Chinese instrument). St.Mary International School’s Jazz
Band gave an amazing performance, they played 5 different pieces and amazed all the parents
and students

Beside the performances, students from the International School of Sacred Heart
displayed wonderful pieces of art. These pieces were purchasable by parents and students, and all
money earned also went to the RIJ fund raising.

Article by Jeffery Huang