On 11 th of January, the Junior student council representatives organized a Junior bowling
event aiming to bring together Juniors from Saint Mary’s, Seisen and Sacred Heart (ISSH). The event
took place at Takatsu Round 1, two train stops away from Futako and was supervised by Mrs.
Fradale, Mrs. Durrett and Mr. Kratz. As for the attendance, the event was dominated by SMIS
students with only a couple of Seisen girls showing up. The low amount of Seisen and ISSH students
could have been caused by the “Bill Cosby” scandal, as well as the event taking place at a venue quite
far away from ISSH.
The event, which had been initially postponed by half an hour, got off to a slow start due to
several organizational issues and the fact that many people opted to show up fashionably late. This
was an issue as student IDs where necessary for the discount meaning the event could not start until
everyone showed up. Luckily for those who came earlier, Takatsu Round 1 also features an arcade
where the early comers where able to make the most of their time while waiting for others.
In the end, the bowling event was quite successful as it provided the students with an
opportunity to socialize with students from other schools. One thing that could have been improved
on was the attendance, especially when it came to Seisen and ISSH. Due to this, the event seemed at
times as a SMIS event rather than a mixed event. The Seisen students who attended the event
seemed to enjoy the event describing it as “fun” and “interesting”. They also said that it would be
nice to have another similar event in the future. Hopefully, the organizational issues will be resolved
in advance for the upcoming events in order to make them much more successful. Additionally, more
publicity in Seisen and ISSH would help attract more girls to future events.

Article by Adam Żbikowski