The senior retreat to Chiba was an opportunity for students to form new friendships within their class, while simultaneously deepening bonds with their current friends. It was also an experience that the class would remember, this trip being the final excursion of our high-school career. On the first day, we went to a high-ropes course. The course challenged us in terms of both our physical prowess, as well as our mental stability as we raced across, fearing for our lives, even though we were wearing harnesses. Furthermore, the course allowed the students to develop teamwork, where students were encouraging each other to complete the course. The students were also able to see a side of their teachers that they usually wouldn’t see, further promoting student-teacher relations.

The next day, we hiked up Nokogiriyama. Contrary to what we expected, the hike proved to be exceptionally challenging, where the majority of the path was rocky and steep. Although the hike was rigorous and exhausting, the sense of accomplishment that we felt when we reached the top of the mountain was immeasurable. The top of the mountain housed many iterations of Buddha, and the view was a sight to behold.

On the third and final day, we were tasked with cooking curry at マザー牧場 (Mother Farm). This activity further allowed for team building, where members of the groups had to work as a team to complete the task. While some groups did not succeed in making the best curry, the experience was still positive, as many students look back on it as a event where they had fun with their friends.

All in all, the retreat was fun and eventful; it proved to be one that we could look back upon as an experience that challenged us physically and mentally. We survived this retreat with the knowledge that we have the strength and friendships to support us throughout our senior year and help us survive the IB program.


Article by Nishant Narcitty