On September 4th, the Class of 2020 departed for their first overnight trip since 9th grade. They traversed the beautiful mountains and meadows of Hakuba for three days and two nights. Despite the passing of Typhoon Jebi, rafting was the only activity that was removed from the schedule. Hiking, rock climbing, and mountain biking were but some of the many options that were available the students.

Hakuba is renowned for its alpine ski courses that hosted the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics. The area is popular among snowboarders and skiers in the winter season but doubles as an ideal hiking area in the warmer seasons. It is also famous for its onsens (hot spring baths), though we could not find the time to visit them.  

The Juniors stayed at a three-star hotel called Paipu no Kemuri where they were served buffet style meals three times every day. Each student was paired with three other peers and shared a room, complete with a mini fridge, a shower, and a TV. Students got to choose what activities they wished to do on the day, and luckily for them, it only rained on the final day.

When asked what their favorite activity was, the majority of the students voiced that kayaking was the most enjoyable. Seiga Shimamura said,


“It was really sunny the day I went, and the water helped us cool off. It was a lot more relaxed compared to biking, so it was a nice change of pace too. It was fun”

Another student (who wished to stay anonymous) echoed this sentiment.

“Initially, I was disappointed that we were going to Hakuba not to ski since ski trips were the highlight of my middle school years, and I was very keen on going again. However, I found this trip to be a great alternative experience, and I hope next years juniors can have an equally enthralling adventure.”

Most students enjoyed their stay, and the Juniors’ trip to Hakuba is widely considered as a success.


Article by Gio Cannegieter