The Middle School Soccer C team ended the season on a fantastic note in their last game of the season on November third. They came together as a team and took the win against Yokohama International School in an exciting and intense game. In the first half St. Mary’s took the lead, scoring two goals. YIS was able to come back and tie the game at the top of the second half. In the end, St Mary’s triumphed, scoring 3 goals in the last 15 minutes of the game. Despite the large 22 person squad, Mr. Chan was able to sub players so that every middle schooler who came out to train got to play in the last game.

 It was great that the team was able to take the win, however, more importantly, the game was another opportunity for the C team to develop.  As Coach Chan emphasizes, the development and growth of his players is what is most important. This season, it was a big squad of 22 players with a wide range of skill levels. There were no cuts, and anybody who wanted to train hard was able to join. At the middle school level, there are many kids who are just trying out soccer and are rather new to the sport. Thus, it is a time where there is a lot of rapid improvement and growth, something that coaches like Mr. Chan are delighted to see.

It was definitely another great season with many players and lots of improvement and growth all around. Overall, the soccer program is very strong, and the middle school boys are lucky to have great coaches. The last game of the season was a spectacle to show just how far the middles schoolers have come and how hard they have trained. St. Mary’s has a lot to be proud of in its soccer program and in its middle school soccer players!

Article by Ryo Ariyoshi