The thirty-first of October signified the emergence of sinisterly spooky and spine-chilling creatures. Halloween is celebrated as a day where people dress up to frighten not only their peers but other people for entertainment;  people usually dress up as ghastly creatures such as vampires, ghosts, witches, zombies, animated pumpkins or wizards to commemorate this yearly event. This year’s Halloween at St. Mary’s was different.

Students and teachers of our school were innovative and creative; their personal characteristics were expressed through their costumes, which were abundant with originality. As teachers dressed up as the Chewbacca, a bearded man, an animated umbrella and so forth, many of our students were surprised with the creativity of their teachers. On the other hand, students dressed up as Power Rangers, Pokemon characters, anime characters, and a plethora of other characters. There was not a single aspect of the Halloween cliché throughout the hallways and the majority of the classrooms.

Sophomore Hiroki said, “I think wearing a Rilakkuma to this Halloween school event was a good idea. The juxtaposition of wearing a cute fictional bear to Halloween was humorous. I think this lit up the school atmosphere filled with tests and demanding homework. It’s not about how scary you are, but how much light you can put to this colorless school routine”. The normally dull, crowded hallways were vivified with chic and unique characters. Sophomore Ryo Matsuki, (who dressed up as his original character ‘The Book Face’) explained the meaning of Halloween to this school, “I think Halloween is one of the most significant events, which is a chance for the student body to brighten up the school; it allows students to forget about their GPA and their IB scores. This year’s St. Mary’s Halloween was such an amusing event.”

These interviews show the unique tradition of Halloween in our school. The thirty-first of October did not signify the spooky-scary apocalypse but a comical and bright St. Mary’s day.

Article by Manato Maekawa