November 17 marked the return of the St. Mary’s Model United Nations (MUN) to K. International School’s annual conference. What is the purpose of joining such a prestigious conference? To determine the delegates who would be heading to Harvard MUN in Beijing this March against schools from all over Asia. This year had the highest attendance to the event, with thirteen students from St. Mary’s. Aside from three delegates, JiSeong Reuw, Vikas Reddy, and Codey Silong, everyone else attending were rookies and each performed exceptionally well. However, from what was witnessed at K., the decision for who will go to Beijing will be difficult to make.

Members Khizar Bilal, Nishant Naricitty, and Sungjae Lee went up and courageously delivered speeches, managing to secure victory for their nations by getting opposing resolutions to fail, while also passing their own. Others, such as Tejas Mahajan, manage to filibuster for a full hour, preventing weak resolutions from getting amendments passed that would have made opposing delegates accept. Xing Ye Cao went in with zero preparation and managed to convince a room of people that he was the most knowledgeable person present. Sho Inoue was panicking all throughout the lead up to the conference, but the moment he stepped into the room,   he took everything in stride and contributed well thought out counterclaims without batting an eye.

From speaking with them after the conference, the delegates all said they had more fun than they thought they would have. Hwi Hwang, JiSeong and Nishant’s conference room had an incredibly enthusiastic Saudi Arabian delegate who called for “private and public executions in ways such as, but limited to: decapitation, submersion in acid, and drowning in holy water,” and a plethora of other inhumane acts. Naturally, the three of them were appalled by the stance the person took and had a blast tearing his resolution apart. Leo Yamaguchi, taking his role as the former British colony of Singapore seriously, picked a fight with the delegate representing the UK every opportunity he could. Resolution writing time worked both as a way to work collaboratively with others as well as create bonds with delegates from KIST, ISSH, YIS, and Senzoku Gakuen.

Every delegate that attended had something they took away from the experience. Most of the newcomers had over prepped, thinking MUN to be incredibly research intensive. They were surprised by how much they could talk about just from watching the news or rattling off statistics they found from the UN or other databases. The delegates that actively participated realized that, by just drawing the attention towards themselves, they were able to have a large impact on the crowd’s opinion. “It was enlightening to see the new members try their best at improvisation and actively going up to defend their resolutions.” stated a delegate of Singapore, who wishes to remain anonymous. Every member grasped their strengths and weaknesses and are currently striving to become better rounded, globally aware, and diplomatically courteous individuals, with the side goal of making the cut for Beijing.


Article by Codey Silong