On Wednesday, the 26th of September, our middle school soccer team played a friendly match against the Toowoomba Grammar school who were visiting SMIS for a week. During their stay, the students from the visiting school practiced with our team before playing a friendly match. The friendly, was split into two separate games both with 20 minute half’s to ensure all students would play.

Due to the first game starting during core 8, we were not able to get full coverage of the event. The game ended in a 2 – 0 win for SMIS. The first goal came from what the middle school coach described as a “Close range shot,” meanwhile the second goal came from a penalty. Later in the game, SMIS got another penalty yet a miss caused the score to remain the same until the end of the game.

The second game was slower paced due to both coaches giving their b-team players more playtime. This did not mean that the game was not entertaining. Despite the worse conditions the game did not fail to deliver. Toowoomba middle school team was first to score after a brilliant long shot from one of their midfielders. The shot was impossible to save as it went straight into the top-left corner of the goal. SMIS didn’t wait long to equalise and at half time, the scores were level. The second half continued at the same pace and even though there were goal scoring opportunities for both sides, neither team was able to finish its chances. After the final whistle, the second game ended in 1 – 1 draw.

Overall, the friendly game offered our middle school an opportunity to practice playing against a team abroad with a playstyle which could be different from the teams we usually compete against. The game also gave the students an opportunity to get to know some new people and make some friends abroad.


Article by Adam Zbikowski