November 3rd was the Kanto Plain Tennis Tournament. In this tournament, the St.Mary’s Titans ended up in the 4th place. The Far East Tournament was coming up within a week and the possibility of the Titans to win the title seemed impossible. However, the Titans became darkhorse of the tournament by capturing the Far East Title on November 10th. The members for the Far East were Wonhyun Kang, Andy Matsuzaki, Seiga Shimamaru, and Yuki Toyokawa.

The Titans competed in three categories: Boys Singles, Boys Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. First is the Boys Singles. In this category, Yuki Toyokawa, the first seat singles for the Titans throughout the season, captured 4th place, followed up by Andy Matsuzaki at 10th place. In addition to placing 4th, Toyokawa accomplished an outstanding feat by winning the first two rounds without losing a single game. As for the Boys doubles, the pair Toyokawa and Matsuzaki won second place, losing by 6-1, 6-0 to CAJ Knights.

Last but not least is the Mixed Doubles. Mixed Doubles is a different branch where the pair is consists of a male and female. For this category, the Titans paired up with The Seisen Phoenixes. Perhaps this was the branch the Titans excelled at most, as they won both the first place (Wonhyun Kang and Lauren Woody) and the second place (Debangi Mohanta and Seiga Shimamaru). An interesting fact is that the Mixed Doubles Finals was the only Finals where the two opponents came from the same schools. However, no mercy was shown as the score 6-0 and 6-3 shows.

In conclusion, the Titans successfully became the dark horse of the tournament. Judging from the results of the Kanto Plain Tournament, and the Kanto plain League, the chances for them to win a title was slim. However, they turned the tables and won the biggest Title a Kanto Plain sports team can win. Let us praise their accomplishments, and look forward to the next year.

Article by Shogo Yanagi