The Fourth Kanto Duals & Invitational meet took place at Tama River on September 29th, 2018. It was a nice cloudy day, with a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. There were a total of 134 runners from 5 different schools: ASIJ, SMIS, N.C. Kinnick, and St. Maur International School. St. Mary’s sent 13 JV runners and 8 Varsity runners.

St. Mary’s  JV runner of the day was sophomore Taisei Morikuni, who achieved 11th place with a time of 18:43.5, the fastest of the JV team. Shortly behind Taisei was freshman Kenta Ploch who finished in 19:49.7, getting second place in St. Mary’s JV, and 16th overall. Another freshman, Jong Hyeon Lee, finished with a time of 20:09.9, getting third place in St. Mary’s  JV, and 20th overall. 10 other members of the JV team participated in the race. Yoshiyuki Sanada, junior, 20:16.1; Sean Olson, freshmen, 20:31.7; Leo Yamaguchi, senior, 21:01.2; Jo Inoue, freshmen, 21:44.9; Makoto Nogami, freshmen, 21:55.8; Koya Sugiura, sophomore, 21:56:8; Nikita Romanov, junior, 22:26.6; Shun Chen, junior, 22:34.3; Kensho Okano, sophomore, 22:43.5; Dion Kang, freshmen, 25:17.2.

The St. Mary’s varsity team ran well, with all of its members running under 20 min. The fastest runner in the St. Mary’s varsity team was a senior, Ryusei Aomi who finished in 3rd place overall with a time of 15:52.8. Close behind Ryusei, freshmen Matthew Inamine finished the race in 4th place overall with a blistering time of 15:57.5. Shortly after, junior Neo Yoshii finished with a time of 16:26.8, achieving 11th place overall. There are other 5 members of the varsity team each finishing with an incredible time: Yudai Akana, senior, 16:36.9; Kenta Misaki, senior, 17:23.9; Sean Inamine, junior, 18:02.2; Joe Utagawa, junior, 18:52.5; Tyler Hashimoto, freshmen, 19:03.9.

Overall, the St.Mary’s XC team had a good start to the season. The Diplomat is very proud of the amazing effort exerted by the runners.

Article by Tomi Sugiura