On Friday (November 2, 2018) and Saturday (November 3, 2018), student actors and
actresses from St. Mary’s International School and Seisen International School performed a
series of one act plays. For the first time ever, the night saw five one-act plays is that those plays
joined together by hard work and become a wonderful play. The play was titled “Wabi Sabi”
meaning the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The actors practiced and rehearsed hard
after school to make this play possible. The directors were very satisfied with the actors’ efforts.

One actor commented that "the play was a resounding success with multiple stand out
performances from people in freshman year to senior year. The stories were fun and entertaining
to do and watch. The audience seemed to enjoy it very much. all in all, it was a great experience"
The first play was “Variations on the Death of Trotsky” performed by Mayank Bhandari,
Mifuyu Hori, and Lucas Shiota. The second play was “Poor Little Lambs” performed by Shin
Ikeda, Swati Agarwal, Jessica Pender, Tatsuya Aoki, Yuvraj Jain, and So Eun Lee. The third
play was “Us and Them” performed by Shreyas Mishra, Mia Isobel Kamikubo, Alunda-Minerva
Chikawe, Ishan Patel, Luke Pender, Aayush Dwivedi, Zander Kress, Kaito Soeno, Hugo
Senkoff, Michael Patton, and Bastien Czoe Bagui. The fourth play was “Frosh in the Pit”
performed by Konstantin Meyer zu Brickwedde , Julia Nicholson, So Eun Lee, Ashita Gulati,
Joshua Harper, and Kai Atobe. The fifth play was “Boxes” performed by Brian Starr, Keerti
Unnamatla, Hya Won Ryu, Emi Nishimi, Masaya Toyokawa, Farah Mohamed, Kallin Ricketts,
and Victoria Migdalski. Congratulations to the transitional actors & actresses, stage crew,
technical crew, prop and makeup crew, and the directors for all their hard work. Well done!
The play was really entertaining because it is different from other previous plays. It is
because e there are multiple plays but into one which really caught the audiences’ attentions. My
favorite play was the fourth one because the actors and actress’ acting was really realistic and the
topic was relatable to most students.

Article by Micheal Khan