Departing Teacher: Mr. Sharp

Dan Sharp

Article by Daniel Montalto

Name: Daniel Sharp

Origin: Canada

Years taught: 2013~2018

Role at St. Mary’s: High School Assistant Principal, Director of Teaching and Learning

As our school year ends, so does our time with some of our faculty. Mr. Sharp, who has been working at St. Mary’s for five years, is one such faculty. Through his career, he has been mainly involved with high school students, working as the High School Assistant Principal and the Director of Teaching and Learning.

Mr. Sharp’s first experience in teaching was an unexpected one, as he says “It was kind of an accident”, and he had never thought about being a teacher. In fact, he even says he originally only had one year in mind. However, he instantly fell in love with the job, ending up working as an educator for more than twenty years. In his earlier years in education, he taught Science, due to his background in Biochemistry and Microbiology as an undergraduate. He chose to work at St. Mary’s after being invited by the administration, and in particular by Mrs. Ramsey, who was one of his classmates at the University of San Francisco. He says he has become more patient while working at St. Mary’s and will miss the boys and the school. After leaving, he plans to work as the Secondary Principal of the Lincoln School in Nepal.

As a student who has visited Mr. Sharp’s office multiple times in the past, I think I can say on the behalf of the student body that we are very grateful to have had Mr. Sharp as our mentor, and will surely miss him. We are wishing him a bright and prosperous future!