Mr. Hung

Article by: Cai Rahman

Photograph by: Cai Rahman

Name: Tran Hung

Origin: United States/Vietnam

Cezar’s Kitchen Staff


Mr. Tran, forty-seven years old from Vietnam with a vivid and friendly personality, will not hesitate to greet you with a happy “How are you doing?” and a “Have a good meal.” Before coming to St. Mary’s, Mr. Tran had been working as a cook in the Tokyo American Club. Mr. Tran joined the Cezar’s team this year wanting to learn more about cooking “while meeting many [other] chefs.” Moreover, Mr. Tran feels great joy that he will be able to aid in giving the students the right nutrition, and as he states, “I enjoy…watching kids grow up…and…see them eating a right, balanced lunch.” Perhaps his joy in helping kids comes from his own fond experiences as a father of two, both of whom have already grown up. Mr. Tran hopes to make a positive impression on the students by working hard, and interacting with each customer in a proper manner. As Mr. Tran puts it, “I would like to do my best here, to learn the system and to make sure everyone leaves the cafeteria with a smile. It is my job to make sure that all the customers have the best service.”


Before coming to Cezar’s, Mr. Tran had already lived in Japan for twelve years. During his time here he has taken up some interesting hobbies. One of his favorite hobbies is billiards, a game he is passionate about. In fact, he jokingly mentioned that, “You can look me up on the internet with my name ホン・トラン [Hung Tran].” Sure enough, after searching his name on Google, it appeared on the homepage of the “Kanagawa Billiards Association”. Impressively, Mr. Tran is placed fourteenth amongst the “Rank A” amateur players in the entire Kanagawa region. Digging deeper into the past of Mr. Tran, he revealed that he “…used to live in a refugee camp for about two-and-a-half-years.” Although he did not specify when and where he had stayed as a refugee, it is rather astonishing to know that such a person had made his way here to join St. Mary’s bringing even more diversity to the school community.