Ms. Durrett

Ms. Durrett

Article by: Rian Barrett

Photo by: Nishant Chanda

Name: Troy Kraatz

Origin: United States of America

Classes: English 10 and English 11 IB Language and Literature

Professional Background:

Julia Durrett teaches English 10 and English 11 IB Language and Literature. Ms. Durrett previously taught at Kestrel Heights School in Durham, North Carolina and decided to apply to teach at St. Mary’s when Mr. Stovall, her former cooperating teacher suggested it to her. She said that she feels like she has made the right choice, and she appreciates the SMIS students’ attitude toward learning and improving themselves. She began teaching English because she has always been attracted to how there are different interpretations to all kinds of texts and how those ideas are shared through discussion. Overall, she enjoys her time here and likes the warm welcome St. Mary’s has given her. In ten years she hopes to still be teaching here.

Personal Background:

When Ms. Durrett wants to have fun, she looks to spend time with her family, explore new areas, try new foods, see live performances, hang out with friends, play video games, and read. She said that she used to bake and is currently looking for a way to do so in Japan. Her favourites are: movies: Amelie; Serenity, Marvel Movies, and other Action movies and Sci-Fi movies; Music: Irish Punk (especially Flogging Molly), Classical, Soundtracks, Rock, Jazz, and generally fast-paced music; Games: Borderlands 2, Skyrim, Fallout, generally RPG games, but also, Mario Kart and Zelda. If she were to be stranded on a deserted island with sustenance provided she said that she would like to take the following three books with her: a Survival Guide, A Thread of Grace, and an AP Literature Composition textbook. Something she would like to say about herself is that, because she is from the Southeastern part of the United States, she can say some funny things like “y’all.”