Mr. Hart

Article by: Cai Rahman

Photograph by: Toki Schafer

Name: Stephen Hart

Origin: Krasnodar, Russia

Cezar’s Kitchen Staff


Coming to St.Mary’s, from Krasnodar, Russia,  Mr. Anton Hart is taking steps to reach his goal of becoming a chef as he works in Cezar’s kitchen. Mr. Hart learns something new each and every day as part of the busy kitchen staff that tirelessly provides food for SMIS kids and teachers alike. As Mr. Hart learns from his experiences in Cezar’s kitchen, he will add them to the skills he has acquired since arriving in Japan five years ago. Mr. Hart hopes to hone these skills to eventually become, in his words, a “high-level chef” in his future. Hopefully he will have a pleasant experience working for this school in the times to come.


Mr. Hart is an ordinary guy with common interests. His main passion is cooking, but he also shows enjoys in popular music and culture, including all kinds of action movies, hip-hop music with a good beat and video games. Since coming to St. Mary’s, Mr. Hart has enjoyed his stay here. Perhaps you will be able to catch him at the 109 cinema down in Futako Tamagawa rise, where he would be choosing which action flick to watch next.