Mr. Kraatz

Mr Kraatz

Article by: Rian Barrett

Photo by: Nishant Chanda

Name: Troy Kraatz

Origin: United States of America

Classes: Personal Life Management, ITGS 10, ITGS 11, and Yearbook Adviser

Professional Background:

Troy Kraatz teaches Personal Life Management (PLM), ITGS 10, ITGS 11, and Yearbook. He previously taught at Zama American Middle School and decided to apply to teach at St. Mary’s because he wanted to be a part of St. Mary’s culture of education and caring. Mr. Kraatz’s first impression of the school has been great. He says, the staff have been extremely friendly and generous with time and knowledge, and the administration is very supportive and professional. Most of all, he adds “the students are eager to learn.” According to Mr. Kraatz, what he is teaching at St. Mary’s is closely related to his previous experiences:

“I have experience teaching college preparation classes which fit nicely with the PLM. I’m very interested in technology, so couple that with my social studies certification and ITGS seemed like a good fit for me. As for yearbook, I was in the yearbook class all four years of my high school and really enjoyed it.”

Over all, he is enjoying his time here at St. Mary’s. In ten years he hopes to be still teaching here.

Personal Background:

During her free time Ms. Moran likes to cycle, do yoga and knit. Her favorite board game is Articulate. If Ms. Moran was stranded on an island for a year and could only have 3 books she would want Wild Swans by Jung Chang, A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara and One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Before coming to Japan Ms. Moran lived in the UK, Australia and, briefly, Uganda.