Ms. Kadoguchi

Article by: Ryan Shimizu

Photograph by: Toki Schafer

Name: Juliana Leman Kadoguchi

Origin: Malaysia

Cezars Kitchen Staff

Professional Background

Ms. Kadoguchi joins our Cezar’s Kitchen staff this year. As a new member of Cezar’s, she says that she enjoys her work and is grateful to be a part of a diverse working environment. Furthermore, she says that she finds value in working in an environment with children because she believes that there are a lot of things that can be learned from younger people. Before Cezar’s she used to work at a hotel as part of the kitchen staff.

Personal Background

Although she is originally from Malaysia, this is her tenth year in Japan. She sees herself staying both in Tokyo in the near future and long term. The international culture in the city is one thing that has appealed to her during her time here. Moreover, she likes not having to worry about public perception or “目線 (mesen)” in Japan. Not having to worry about public perception allows her to have the freedom to express herself through fashion. Ms. Kadoguchi also says she is a “food lover” and enjoys eating a wide variety of foods, ranging from Asian to European. She wishes to travel around the world and taste different cuisines. Some of her hobbies include listening to music (mainly hip-hop), going shopping, taking walks, and meeting others. Her favorite movie is The Impossible, and the two items that she would bring with her to a deserted island are Working Smart: How to Accomplish More in Half the Time by Michael Leboeuf and Time Magazine issues.