Mr. Craven

Article by: Cameron Fenwick

Photograph by: Cameron Fenwick

Name: Doug Craven

Origin: Canada

Classes: Communications Technology

Professional Background

Doug Craven, inspired by a passionate 10th grade teacher, came to St.Mary’s International School to teach Communications Technology. Mr. Craven chose to pursue a career in education because he believes that “ignorance threatens the human race” and that “the only antidote for ignorance and fear is knowledge”. More specifically Mr. Craven chose Communications Technology because through it he learns something new every day. He already feels from his stay that St.Mary’s has a good vibe. He came to St Mary’s after Mr. Faulkner reached out to ask him to develop a Communications Technology program. Although he plans to retire within ten years, he hopes to continue writing or animating, both passions of his.

Personal Background

Doug Craven likes to cycle, write plays, animate, play the tin whistle and spend time with his family. He likes to practice the arts of Iaido (Japanese sword fighting) and Kendo. Movies he enjoys include Blade Runner and almost any one by the Coen Brothers. He listens to artists such as Laurie Anderson, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, and loves to play the Bioshock series. If stuck on a desert island, he would bring two novels by Terry Pratchett and a novel by Neil Gaiman. He has two kids. His daughter, 26, is a product developer for Rogers Sportsnet in Canada. His son, 22, is studying neurology at the University of Toronto. His wife, Ms. McMorrow is currently a supply teacher for St. Mary’s and is subbing in for Ms. Copping. She enjoys working at SMIS as well and loves the students here.