Mr. Antal

Article by: Cameron Fenwick

Photograph by: Nishant Chanda

Name: Daniel Antal

Origin: USA

Classes: Counseling Intern

Professional Background

Mr. Antal initially got into teaching because of his love for science. Having previously taught at the International School of Yangon, he came to SMIS due to its outstanding reputation both in Japan and abroad. He feels his first few weeks at SMIS, witnessing its dedicated staff and students, has confirmed the school’s reputation. He makes sure to keep his science credentials up-to-date, but chose to pursue counseling to expand his areas of expertise, and because he likes working one on one with students. He hopes to transition from a middle school science teacher to a full-time counselor in the coming years.

Personal Background

Mr. Antal enjoys anything and everything outdoors, from hiking to biking. An avid fan of many team sports, he enjoys both spectating and playing. He likes movies directed by either Quentin Tarantino or Martin Scorsese, all songs apart from country, and some video games like Madden. If stuck on a desert island, he would bring The Lord of the Rings, IQ84, and In Search of Lost Time. He is thrilled to become a part of the SMIS community and is looking forward to getting to know both the staff and students even better.