Brother Joseph, We Will See You Later

Article by Jun Lee

Brother Joseph

Years Taught: 2004 – 2017

Position: Teacher & Brother

Destination: Uganda

As we get close to the end of the school year, we announce the departing teachers and appreciate them for their contributions, care, teaching and love for SMIS students. One of the departing teachers, Brother Joseph Muyunga, has been working here for thirteen years and is off to his next destination this year.

Brother Joseph arrived at St. Mary’s International School as a Missionary on Friday, December 3rd 2004 at 11:20 am. He joined the school to continue to work in Education with the Brothers he found in the Mission. Since then, the list of things he has done and achieved is endless, bolstered by his joy for teaching. He has held positions teaching Religion, Ethics, and Life Logic, given of his background in English Language and Literature, and dealt with a good number of students in Creative writing and ESL both at middle school and high school levels. Although Brother Joseph is leaving SMIS, his work in helping others is not over.

Brother Joseph is leaving for a new assignment. He will be joining the work force at the University of Kisubi in Uganda, which belongs to The Brothers of Christian Instruction whose Mission is to make Christ better known and better loved through Education and Instruction. But, before leaving, Brother Joseph kindly gave some last advice/message to the SMIS students.

“This may not necessarily be the last advice since I am still living. Nevertheless, keep on Growing. Growth is gradual.  Through others, God directs His children here on earth through a maturing process. You have special responsibilities, which include providing good examples of what ought to be the best behavior in people. While you do not have TV crews and reporters following every move you make, put it at the back of your mind that you are joint heir with Jesus. This makes you special, and people are continually watching. To produce desirable results, you will need to constantly recognize your responsibility to live as a diligent servant in this world. This means you must have the right heart and attitude like that of Jesus. A servant’s heart sees needs and works to meet those needs.  This requires a daily refinement of character, love and compassion for others.  Your ability and willingness to serve must always be evident in your lives. Servanthood goes beyond those things that are expected of you. Therefore, voluntarily line up under those in authority over you for proper direction and guidance. Humility costs nothing, but it pays a lot.”

One thing Brother Joseph has noticed is that it’s not intrinsic characteristics or personal habits that determine whether you’re successful or not. It’s your behavior.  What does he mean by “behavior?”: How you react under long-term stress. Whether you meet your commitments or not. How you interact with others. Your attitude towards everyone. How hard you are willing to work to do the job right. Whether you are focused and disciplined or scattered and distracted.

Spare time to pray and meditate. It is the source of wisdom and enlightenment in your daily activities.  

We still have few more months until the end of the school year. Brother Joseph has already given us the advice about how to live and develop as unique individuals. We should appreciate his service at St. Mary’s and also his passion to teach and help us until he leaves the SMIS community. It would be great if everyone could say a word of appreciation to Brother Joseph before he leaves Japan.