Mr. Furudera

Article by Joshua Harper

Mr. Furudera is the new aquatics assistant coach. He grew up in Tokyo and attended St. Mary’s for 12 years and participated in the swim team while he was here. During his time at college he worked as an assistant swim coach at the Tokyo American Club (TAC). Then, after his graduation at Yale University, Connecticut, he came back to Japan to work at the company, J.P. Morgan. Finally, he is now back at St. Mary’s, this time as an assistant swimming coach.

During high school, Mr. Furudera competed with other students on the St. Mary’s team The more he swam, the more he liked swimming. During his holidays, he taught swimming at TAC. After graduating from high school, he travelled to America to attend Yale University where he learned about history..After receiving his diploma from Yale in 1983, Mr. Furudera moved back to Japan and found a job with  J.P. Morgan.

One thing that Mr. Furudera found difficult was the transition from a financial job to an aquatics teacher. He said that he had to “deal with a different kind of stress.” A financial job has the kind of stress where people would force you to do this and that; however, a swimming coach’s stress involves taking care of the children: making sure they don’t get themselves injured as well as teaching the students to listen to you and do what they are told. Mr. Furudera found the transition difficult at first, but as he got used to it, he became more confident and enjoyed his job as an assistant coach more.

Mr Furudera still swims and practices during his free time. It is part of his daily routine. By practicing everyday, Mr. Furudera has qualified for the Japan Masters swimming competition and achieved good time when he participates in the competition. Mr. Furudera will be teaching swimming to the first and third graders and the seventh and eighth grade P.E sessions this year. His resolution for this year is that he wants students to improve their swimming skills and to get to know the students and swimmers.

Apart from swimming, Mr. Furudera is a car enthusiast. He likes to collect and look at cars in his free time. If you see Mr. Furudera please say hello and welcome him back to St. Mary’s.