Farewell, Ms. Mitchell

Ms. Mitchell

Written by Nishant Naricitty

Years Taught: 2006-2017

Position: Second Grade Teacher

Destination: California

As the end of the 2016 ~ 2017 school year comes near, so does the end of our time with some of our teachers. Ms. Mitchell, who has been teaching at St. Mary’s for 11 years, is one of these teachers. Throughout her career, she has been mainly involved with the RP and the second grade. Before coming to St. Mary’s, she had taught at schools in the United States,  she worked as a English teacher, teaching grades seven and nine, as it was, “one of [her] favorite subjects in high school”. She had also taught at the elementary level at DoDDS schools.

Unfortunately, because of scheduling issues, I was not able to sit down with her to have a proper interview. However, I was able to ask her questions and receive answers through email.

* * *

What were your best and worst memories during your career in St. Mary’s?

“The worst, or the most difficult time was the time of the March 11th earthquake/tsunami.  The earthquake itself was terrifying, but the aftermath and all of the uncertainties made it a challenging time for everyone.  All the international schools closed down shortly after, and many of us left Japan; my daughters and I stayed with [our] family in California, and when school reconvened, I still didn’t feel confident enough to bring my girls back to Tokyo, so I returned to Japan by myself. They joined shortly after that. Some of my students and their families also did not return right away, and others never returned. As for the best memories, there are so many good ones that I can’t really choose.  I have a job where there’s laughter every single day.  I’ve loved working with my ES colleagues and I have made the most amazing friends here who mean the world to me.”

What are some of the challenges you have faced while you were teaching?

“The main challenge for me as a teacher was always in regards to time – not having enough of it to do everything I wanted to do.”

What is your takeaway from St. Mary’s?

“The main takeaway for me would be the importance of good communication and good relationships with students, families, faculty, staff and basically everyone in the school community.”

Do you have anything to say to the students at St. Mary’s?

“My very first RP students are now Sophomores–the Class of 2019!  It has a been a pleasure watching them, and all of my former students grow and excel in so many different areas.  I am proud to have been a part of their education and their lives. I wish them all the very best here at St. Mary’s and in their future endeavours.  Aloha oe, until we meet again!”

* * *

On behalf of all the students here at St. Mary’s, we at the Diplomat thank you for teaching us and being a valuable part of our community. We wish you the best of luck in your future!