SMIS Movie Night 2016

Image by Nishant Chanda

Article by Rian Barrett

On September 16th 2016, the annual St. Mary’s Movie Night was held. Students from ISSH, Seisen, and St. Mary’s all gathered at the St.Mary’s Multi Purpose Hall. This year, two movies were shown: Insidious and The Man from UNCLE. Insidious is a horror film and The Man from UNCLE is an action/comedy film. These are two of the most favored genres, so that all students could enjoy the Movie Night.

With an entrance fee of 500 yen, the Student Council gave the students a drink and a stamp on their palms. The students then walked into the newly refurbished Multi Purpose Hall. Inside there was a big screen for the students, to experience a theatre like feeling, while still being comfortable with all your friends. After entering around 5:30 P.M. students purchased drinks and snacks to eat until the movie began. The show went on from 6 o’clock to late 9 o’clock. Thanks to the Student Council, things went smoothly.

The Man from UNCLE played first. It is set in the 1960s, during the Cold War. CIA agent Napoleon Solo must bring Gaby Teller from East Berlin to across the wall to the West. Gaby is the daughter of a German mechanic that defected Germany to collaborate with the Americans and then vanished at the end of WWII. Napoleon Solo is on a mission to help Gaby get to West Germany and on the way, she is chased by KGB agent Illya Kuryakin. They luckily get through but soon find out that her father might be working with Alexander Vinciguerra and his wife Victoria to make a nuclear bomb. Napoleon Solo must work with Illaya and Gaby to stop a private criminal organization from using Gaby’s father’s scientific expertise to construct their own nuclear bomb.

Second on screen was the movie Insidious. It was about a teacher and his wife moving into a new home with their three children. Everything is peaceful until one day, one of his kids falls from a ladder and hits his head. He ends up in a coma, and no one is certain what can be done to help him. Three months later, weird things begin happen in the house and the wife thinks that the house is haunted and begins trying to convince her husband that their house is haunted. The two seek help and through the help of many others, they figure out that their son has left his body and is now in a spiritual realm. There a demon entity trying to enter the child’s, body. After finding this out that the protagonist is capable of entering the spiritual realm, he goes to find his son.

As a student, the Movie Night was a great experience. Many of the students screamed and cheered when moments were tense, but this was because watching movies with friends hype up the whole experience. The hyping up was definitely a plus. Most movies, even the highest rated movies can become quite boring when watched alone. However, just having a few friends makes a big difference. Then now imagine a whole bunch of groups combined together to hype up one film; the movie night created the best environment to watch a movie. Hence, the experience of the movie night created through the combination of many students, hype it up to the point where it would almost be like watching a tense sports game.

The Student Council in charge of organizing everything, did a great job, with President Jun Woo Hwang and Vice-President Stefano Adelima leading the pack. They had organized things from scheduling dates, to reserving the MPH, and to whatever the students needed. The Movie Night had received positive feedback from the people who attended. Some stated that they were able to meet new people. Most students commented that they had no problems with the Student Council but that they didn’t enjoy the movies. Next time, a more recent movie should be picked, this is because the movies picked this year were outdated. From the people that had filled in the questionnaire, almost all answered that it was very much worth going and that they would not mind going again, despite the bad choice of movie. The idea of a Movie Night to interact with people from other schools is well liked, and many of us appreciate the time and circumstances in which students can interact with each other.


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