Mr. Lyu


Mr. Lyu

Mr. Lyu

Photo by Sean Collins

Article by Sean Collins

Every year we have new faces in St. Mary’s, and this year, a former student has returned. St. Mary’s is welcoming back Mr. Lyu as staff member who will be working in the MPH. He was originally also assigned to teach the Multimedia class as but due to various reasons he will be focusing on working full time in the MPH from this school year.

He was born in Korea, but his family moved around often. During his childhood he moved to many countries, He was born in Korea and came to Japan to study in St. Mary’s during his High school years, and graduated here. Then he went to University in the U.S. and moved to Canada which is where he became a Canadian citizen. He talked a lot about the differences he found when he came back to Japan. He found coming back to St. Mary’s almost like coming to a completely new school. The surroundings of the station had changed with the new mall. The school campus had completely changed. However, he does remember some staff members who still work at St. Mary’s such as Mrs.Yamaguchi. He was largely impressed by the way computers were lent in the library and how so many things are done using technology in the school now.

After graduating SMIS, he majored in economics at Tufts University in Boston, and moved on to work in the IT business, where he said he liked how he would always get a better result if he worked harder. After working in IT for five years then working for a few more years as a translator, he decided to become a teacher. He said that he wanted to work in a place where it wasn’t just numbers and results, but a place where there was something involved.  He has taught subjects such as computer, ESL, business marketing, and business communication before coming back to St. Mary’s. After working in IT and as a teacher, now he is using his skills from both of his past careers and is working in the MPH.

One of his goals is to make the MPH a place that is much easier to access and can be used more often by both students and faculty.  Another thing he wants to accomplish is to teach students the right distance they should keep with regard to technology. Although it may seem ironic because he had worked for an IT business for many years and is still working with tech in this school, he thinks that children and teenagers especially right now are too fixated on their phones and computers and are not being as social as they should be outside of social networking sites. He would like to try and communicate to students that although tech devices can be very useful to use, it is important to keep a certain distance from them as well.

Another thing Mr. Lyu would like to be able to accomplish as a teacher is to share his life experiences that will be helpful in college life. When he went to university, he said there were many times when he thought, “I wish someone had told me about that!” He says he has experienced those moments quite often, and would like to share them with students to assist them with their college lives.

Give a friendly hello to him if you get the chance, and for students interested in the IT, it would be a great chance to ask questions to someone who has been in the career.