Mr. Wooding

woodingPhoto by Nishant Chanda

Written by Nishant Chanda

Every new school year brings renewed sports teams, music groups, students, and teachers. Amongst the arrival of the new teachers this year is Mr. Wooding.

Mr. Wooding is more than qualified for the job, graduating from Northeastern University in Boston as a dual major in graphic design and the multimedia program. He was born in Connecticut and grew up on the east coast of the United States. He attended a Catholic school as a child. Because of this, he was able to adapt to St. Mary’s quite easily as he already knew the day-to-day of the Catholic school system. After graduating, he enrolled as a student in Northeastern University, and went on to teach there for eight years. He taught undergraduate and adult education in multimedia and interactive design. After his marriage, he moved to Indonesia with his wife, where he worked as a dependent. There, he did volunteer work on digital art for middle schoolers while his wife taught as a middle school teacher. After that, Mr. Wooding and his wife accepted teaching positions at SMIS; he is teaching Multimedia I and Computer Science I, and his wife is a sixth grade teacher.

The two courses he is teaching are for high schoolers. In his Multimedia I class, he is covering the basic tools of multimedia and is teaching how to edit images and audio (as well as voice-overs) and to manage a project with appropriate workflow. In his Computer Science I class, he is teaching HTML and CSS, which are used when creating websites. Although an expert in the field of computer languages, he is actually self taught in the subject. When a problem surfaces, he tackles the issue along with students to try and derive the answer. Students also learn about components of hardware and software and will soon be learning Python.

When asked how he got into the artistic world of design and multimedia. He set forth the idea that as a kid, he was just an average American boy. His hobbies as a child were soccer, little league baseball, reading books, video games, etc. He enjoyed drawing, which he believes led him to appreciating design. In addition, he liked to travel, which brought him to Indonesia and eventually to Japan. In his childhood, he dreamt of being either a cartoonist, or a stand-up comedian. His forms of entertainment changed over the year, and now his hobbies are playing the guitar (his favorite guitarist is Paul Gilbert), listening to music, and exercising (running and biking).

When asked about his adventurous life, and how he’s been through various cultures, he said nothing was super surprising in Japan. He arrived with minimal expectations, and was able to fit in without a problem. He appreciates the efficiency in Japanese neighborhoods in terms of the way of life. He also found the culture and people to be very nice. His jump from teaching at a university to teaching at a school was greater, though. Although students in SMIS are self-sufficient and adaptive, he does have to break down assignments for more manageable comprehension. The fact that students come up to him and ask questions and the fact that students have heard of the programs he uses to teach the students has pleased him.

Mr. Wooding is the high school’s new Computer Science and Multimedia teacher. So far, he has received warm welcomes and believes “[he] has gotten back the respect [he] has given to students.” Welcome to St. Mary’s Mr. Wooding!