2016 Carnival


Written by Naoki Nomura

Photography by the Diplomat

As we enter the last few days of school we see many students eager to dive into their summer break. The school facilitates this restless energy that flows within the student population by hosting the annual carnival. The St. Mary’s carnival was held on the Saturday of May 14th, drawing over two thousand people both from outside and within the St. Mary’s community. Along with this, the event was sponsored by over forty seven companies varying from sport brand Under Armour to shipping company Asian Tigers. This year we were blessed with great weather which not only brightened the day, but the whole atmosphere of the event as well.

One aspect of the carnival the majority of the people enjoy every year is the abundant and diverse selections of food. This year we had fourteen countries from China to Canada presenting their own country’s food and beverages. The Diplomat caught up with a few students during the carnival, asking them what food they enjoyed at the carnival. One high school student replied, “The food here is great. It’s like dining at a food court. I enjoyed the lamb chops at the New Zealand booth and the chicken curry they served at the Indian booth.” Another student replied, “I enjoy all the food here, though I specifically like the beverage from the Chinese booth a lot. The bubble tea I had was something I had never tasted before.” As these students expressed, the variety of food the carnival offers is always a great hit every year.

The carnival is also a great chance for students to display their musical talents, and fundraising skills. There were over ten performances done by both currentIMG_6234 students and alumnis on the makeshift stage inside the tennis court cage. The blasting music along with the aroma of cooking food is the typical atmosphere for the carnival. As mentioned, students also used the carnival to raise money for the various service groups they represent. This year students were raising funds for charity groups such as Operation Smile, Amnesty International, Refugee International, Pets in Need, Tassel, Green Club, and Hands on Tokyo. By seeking these charitable acts, contributions help the school students live up to the school’s reputation as a place of giving.

SMAAlong with the student run events and fundraisers, the St. Mary’s Association(SMA), and the rest of the board members organized game booths which were enjoyed immensely by the majority of students at the elementary and middle school levels. Similar to the last couple years, the dunk booth formed a huge line of students, all eager to douse dunk the taunting high schooler sitting on the board. Other popular game booths such as the bean bag throw and the ring toss booths were run by teachers and students at the elementary school level.

All in all, this year’s carnival seemed to be a great success. Once again the carnival showed us that it is a great bonding opportunity for the St. Mary’s community. Alumni and former teachers caught up with their peers and colleagues, while stuffing themselves with the great food that was being sold. We hope everybody who came to the carnival enjoyed it, and are looking forward to the one next year.