Make The Way For MPH

IMG_0589Article By Aditya Varma

Photo Taken By Aditya Varma

With the MPH renovations finished on October the 30th, the Titan family is excited to see the end result. The MPH is now being called the MPH, the multi-purpose hall. The potential uses of the MPH are many, from hosting authors to having schoolwide concerts. Seating more than four hundred people in comfortable and cozy chairs. Curious about the changes inside the hall The Diplomat decide to interview our school’s headmaster, Mr. Kagei, for further details.

The MPH is truly a multipurpose hall that serves as a place to hold ceremonies, plays, PE classes, and other extra curricular activities. With the MPH sound proofed, there could be a physical education class going on in one half of the MPH, while an activity that requires no distractions such as a musical rehearsal could simultaneously take place in the other half. With the MPH as a place where the whole high school can meet, the job of the maintenance workers is easier; now they don’t have to set up the carpet in the gymnasium every time there’s an event. In addition, school sports that require use of the gymnasium don’t have to miss as many practices. The only negative change is that  the wrestlers will have to face is the MPH’s free space being limited.

Mr. Kagei told The Diplomat that, the MPH was finished in phases. The last phase of construction started when school ended in June and lasted all the way to two months into the 2015-2016 school year. Now finished, the MPH will no longer require setting up chairs when there is an event: the finished MPH has 424 movie theatre-like retractable chairs along with eight pull-out chairs. The retractable chairs will be able to be electronically deployed from under the north end of the MPH (under the balcony near the door.) With a total of 432 seats, we will be able to host school ceremonies not only in the gymnasium, but also the MPH. The room can now serve the entire high school with a single push of a button that deploys four hundred cozy chairs within minutes, and in air-conditioning or heated comfort with amazing sound and light systems, we’ll be fine regardless of the season. You can still sponsor the seats in the MPH there are only 150 odd chairs that are still available so sponsor a seat as soonIMG_0619 as you as you can.  When Mr. Kagei was asked, about financing the MPH, he said “The finances were handled through a loan that the school procured. The school put down a certain amount and the rest was financed through a government Quasi-loan lending organization.”

One major reason the finished MPH is so flexible is because of its new staging systems. The staging system can be placed in different parts of the MPH so that the MPH can be used at its full capacity. Mr Kagei states that with the dividing wall “ You can use half of the MPH for a lecture or for presentations and the other half can still be used for PE.” We have many configurations such as a theater in the round, orchestra pit, musical type configuration and a stage to hold fine arts performances, and many other musical setups. We look forward to the further implementation of the Hall in future events.