Touching Up on ‘The Interview’


Article written by Alec McGuire

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The Interview is a controversial comedy that was co-written and co-directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. Although this movie was criticised by many people including Kim Jong-Un, the lone leader of North Korea, the movie was released on DVD with a rating of over 90% on ‘Rotten Tomatoes’. In The Interview, Seth Rogen plays Aaron Rapaport, a very experienced TV producer, and James Franco plays the character of Dave Skylark, the host of a popular TV show called “Skylark Tonight”. For some miraculous reason, when Dave Skylark looks at Kim Jong-Un’s twitter account he finds out that the dictator of North Korea follows the TV show and decides to go on vacation to North Korea to score an exclusive interview with Kim Jong-Un.

The Diplomat asked a few St.Mary’s viewers not only what they thought of the movie itself, but also about the controversy over the Sony hacking and the terrorist threat against the film.

When asked about his thoughts on the movie, Khalid Saifullah a senior at St.Mary’s, replied,

“It wasn’t as funny as what people on the Internet made it sound like.”

I also interviewed Masaki Takeda, another senior, about what he thinks of the controversy between the movie and North korea. He vehemently expressed his opposition to North Korea’s actions by saying, “It’s full of nonsense”. The Diplomat also interviewed Mr.McGuire, a HS biology teacher and asked him, “Do you think North Korea will create a movie about killing the president of the United States?” Without a second thought he replied, “No, I seriously doubt it.” When asked “why?” he added, “they might make a small movie, but they won’t make a movie which is shown to the world.” I agree with the seniors and teachers comments on the movie. America did a bad thing from an ethical point of view but I think if North Korea made a movie about assassinating the president of the United States, America would be furious.

The budget of this movie has been estimated at about $4.4 million and the US box office estimated it’s earnings at $36.1 million. The run time of the movie is about 1 hour and 52 minutes, and the production companies include Colombia Pictures, Lstar Capital, and Point Grey Pictures. As they are both famous actors, Seth Rogen and James Franco obviously got paid a lot. Rogen was paid $8.4 million and Franco was paid $6.4 million.

There are many reviews on this movie from all over the world. Most people think the movie is a source of entertainment, but North Korea uses the movie as an excuse to start a war. I think the movie is a fantastic comedy, and is a great way to make people happy. Although Sony Enterprises did not make the best decision in producing this movie, they still made money and put a smile on many people’s faces.