A Winter Splash

Article written by Charlie Roth.  Image from St. Mary’s Newsletter with the SMA.

From the standpoint of a Buccaneer, this year’s swim season has been going well. Recently The St. Mary’s swim team has once again displayed their talent not only in the Kanto plains, but also in the nation. Swimmers Shane Brett, Josh Brown, Kazuki Martin, and Yutaro Sahara showed their competitive spirit and proved their mettle at the Tokyo Senshuken. Senior Shane Brett placed 3rd within the Tokyo region in the 100m Butterfly with a time of 56.65 seconds; in addition, sophomore Josh Brown got 54.48 seconds in the 100m Freestyle, putting him in the 5th place spot, and 7th place in the 50m Freestyle at 24.57 seconds; along with his fellow sophomore, Kazuki Martin, who placed 8th in the same race with a 24.65 seconds. This, however, is just one of the few swim meets at which St. Mary’s has preformed well at.

The St. Mary’s Buccaneers has competed in friendly meets hosted by both St. Mary’s and other league teams from the International community. Over the year leading to the Tokyo federation meets, Team members can also qualify for more competitive meets with the Japan Amateur Swimming Federation. Among these meets, St. Mary’s has participated in the Tokyo South Club Championship Meet, the Taipei American School Invitational, the Tokyo-To Kirokukai Swim Meet, the Buccaneer Invitational Swim Meet, and finally, the Kanto Plains Championship.

The statistics from the Tokyo South & North Club Championships: 1,039 swimmers from twenty-seven swim clubs competed at the event; Swimmers finishing within the top eight in the preliminary heats advanced to the afternoon finals. Shane Brett set a new regional record in the 15 – 18 Boys 100 meter Butterfly within a time of 54.45 seconds that was also good enough to qualify for Japan’s Age Group Nationals. Sophomore Joshua Brown went for 51.49 seconds in the 100-meter Freestyle. Joshua now has three National cuts. New records were also set by swimmers Kaitlin Rossman and Natsuki Uchino from Seisen. Kaitlin set a new 15 – 18 Girls swimming record in the 50-meter Breaststroke with a 35.04 second time. Her 1:17.23 swim in the 100-meter Breaststroke was a new regional record. Another Seisen swimmer, Natsuki Uchino, beat her previous eight and under 50-meter Butterfly record with a time of 41.47seconds. In total, we had twenty-three swimmers make it to the finals.

Not only this but, the St. Mary’s swim team had a very successful meet in Taiwan. The Taipei American School hosted fifteen teams from all over East Asia to compete in the Tiger Shark invitational. The Buccaneer s took 3rd place overall in team scoring. In the Boys division however, St. Mary’s crushed the competition, winning 1st place with 2,484.50 points. Although a total of just thirty-four swimmers from St. Mary’s had showed up, we were able to establish ten new individual and four relay records over the three day Invitational.

The St. Mary’s Buccaneer s Swim Team recently also won their 42nd Winter Kanto Plains Championships title. The team amassed a total of 1,448 points to clinch first place and Crushed the second place team, the Yokosuka Junior Seahawks, by 813 points.

The St. Mary’s Buccaneers are not only some of the top contenders with in the Kanto plains international schools, but also are some of the fastest kids in Tokyo and the country. Overall, the swim team has been crushing its competition for many years under Coach Dave Moodie, and they hope to continue their winning streak into the upcoming Age Group Championship and Junior Olympics.